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Emma Rouberry Business Writer

Do you need a partner to take care of your business writing? Managing content creation in-house can be difficult and time-consuming – especially if you don’t have a dedicated copywriter or perhaps you don’t even know what you need?

Hi, I’m Emma. With SuperScribe Consultancy as a writing partner, I’ll ensure consistent messaging for your corporate communications. Whether you need professional website copy, blog posts, sales material, or thought leadership content marketing, I have the expertise to write it for you.

Words are powerful, but you only have a few seconds to capture your reader’s attention and get your message across so they need to be good. From strategy to execution, I will develop a deep understanding of your brand or service and deliver results you need.


To collaborate with professionals to offer a comprehensive communication strategy for companies that are serious about business.


To help companies to achieve results through the written word.


To delight my clients by delivering imaginative work of outstanding quality on time, every time.
writing services for articles, blogs and web content


Writing above the line

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